Want to know how to let loose in London? Visiting an English pub is one of the ways to do this ... photo by CC user Zenior on wikimedia

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Finished a long stint volunteering in Africa/Asia/etc, and passing through London on your way home, or to your next travel destination?

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The best city in the world is a great place to let some steam off after being buried in your work for many months prior, so don’t rush through to your final destination without experiencing the awesomeness of this illuminating metropolis.

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Want to know how to let loose in London? The following suggestions will provide you with ways to celebrate all your hard work in one of the best cities on Earth…

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See some of London’s most fun attractions by day

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If you want to let loose without drinking, or just want to spend your sober hours in London doing fun stuff, there are many attractions within city limits that won’t bore you to death.

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If you are into sports, attend a football (soccer for all you Yanks) match at Wembley Stadium, or watch a rousing tennis match at the All England Tennis and Croquet Club if you are in town during the fortnight when the Wimbledon Championships are underway.

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Foodies will love trawling through the Borough Market, as there are plenty of gourmet foods and meals to sample as you make your way through the countless stalls here, and those visiting Covent Garden will find plenty of buskers playing music or conducting acts that will inspire awe within you.

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Hit the clubs

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London is well known in the world for having a nightclub scene that is the envy of other alpha world cities around the globe.

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The British know how to have a good time after the sun goes down, as there are highly social pubs where you can enjoy some pints to start your evening in an environment where you can have a lively conversation, and then there are clubs where the best DJ’s in their genres spin the hottest tunes in the industry.

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The Ministry of Sound is an awesome spot for those that are into house music, while those that want to welcome the sun while raving to electro will find Fabric to be the best spot for their needs.

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Find a special friend

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When you are traveling at an intensive rate and are volunteering in projects that swallow up all of your attention, your sex life can take a backseat to everything else that’s going on. This tends to only increase desire over time though, and at some point, you’ll need some relief.

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If you don’t want to play the pick up game (which is far from a sure thing for those whose skills are rusty) at the clubs, there’s nothing wrong with going ahead and finding London escorts. These professionals are skilled at making you feel special, and will help you blow off steam in the most enjoyable manner possible.

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